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Our Guiding Principles

Values-driven Excellence

We are committed in all endeavors to surpass good and great to reach new levels of preeminence.

Two students stand amazed and confused in a hexagonal mirror-walled room with colored lines radiating from a single point that look like a science fiction warp drive but in color.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We are strongest when embracing voices, ideas, perspectives, identities, and experiences across our campus. Together, we work toward justice.

Four students sitting outside on the UMD Mall in the shade of a nearby tree


We envision and create a better future for our state, nation, and world through research, education, and service.

ESJ Academy


We aim to transcend the status quo, think creatively, and act to take on the grand challenges of our time.

A technical classroom with students sitting and standing around broad, white desks. Backpacks and other items are on the floor below them and an instructor is at the white board pointing to something.


We accomplish more when we work together for a common purpose.

One person presents from a chart while other students site at a round table.

Service to Humanity

We are guided by an unwavering commitment to all of our constituencies—students, faculty, staff, partners, allies, and alumni— to fearlessly forge a better world for all humankind.

Instructors and students work in a garden bed of lush plants

FEARLESSLY FORWARD IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE AND IMPACT FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD: THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND STRATEGIC PLAN  is a living document and will evolve and grow as we do. Please visit this site to follow our progress as we move fearlessly forward.

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