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We reimagine learning.

We reimagine learning and teaching as inclusive, experiential, publicly engaged, creative, integrative, holistic, and empowering.

Goal 1

Lead in the development of innovative and inclusive approaches for teaching and learning.

  • Expand accessibility of our educational programs through equitable, flexible, inclusive approaches to instructional design and delivery.
  • Rethink and reconfigure our learning environments to balance, integrate, and leverage universal design, technology-rich education, and human connection.
  • Unlock the potential of our campus as a green, connected living-learning environment that is open and accessible to the global community.
  • Imagine new possibilities for advancing lifelong learning with technology and new forms of engagement for learners of all ages.
Two students work with a BioBots machine.

Goal 2

Expand the use of high-impact experiential learning to ensure every student has the opportunity to learn through public service, civic engagement, internships, and project-based experiences.

  • Provide opportunities throughout the educational journey for internships, research experiences, and other applied learning experiences.
  • Develop and coordinate volunteer and civic engagement opportunities and encourage undergraduate and graduate students to engage in work in support of the public good.
  • Grow events and programs that enable students to connect with local community members, organizations, and businesses for civic development, employment, and other forms of learning.
Overhead of booths during an engineering event. Models, laptops, and projects are displayed on tables as other students mingle and walk through.

Goal 3

Create opportunities for multidisciplinary collaboration that fosters creative expression, discovery, and critical thinking.

  • Build partnerships among the arts, humanities, science, technology, and other disciplines to develop new curricular and experiential offerings that nurture different ways of thinking to spark dialogue, understanding, problem solving, and action.
  • Support indoor and outdoor spaces on campus to advance learning, inspire discovery, and activate creativity.
A dancer leaps through the air in front of other performers on a stage lit with shades of orange and red

Strategic Programs and Initiatives

This initiative partners the arts with the sciences, technology, and other disciplines to develop new and reimagined curricular and experiential offerings that spark dialogue, understanding, problem solving and action.

New living-learning programs provide students with exceptional academic talents and a close-knit community of faculty and undergraduates committed to acquiring a broad and balanced education.

  • Honors Global Communities: In this new program, students of all majors explore current global affairs and issues through methods in the social sciences and data science, and with access to public service opportunities in the nation’s capital area.
  • Interdisciplinary Business Honors: Students of all majors enrolled in this new program explore the future of work and business from the perspective of multiple fields, and in relation to the grand challenges of our time.

This innovative fellowship program is designed to equip undergraduate students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experience necessary to become leaders in our increasingly globalized society.

This new grant program recognizes innovative educational projects that focus on enriching the students’ educational experience by expanding access to high-quality experiential learning opportunities in and outside of the classroom.

Learning Environment Modernization

To support innovation, creativity and collaboration inside the classroom and beyond, this program expands the development of accessible, flexible, and learner-centered environments.

General Education Diversity Curriculum

Recommended by the University Senate, enhancements to the General Education curriculum on diversity will engage students in classroom discussions of power and oppression, especially historical and systemic racism. They will also gain practical skills in civic engagement, communicating effectively across differences, and resolving conflicts respectfully.

Program-based DEI content

All undergraduate degree programs are developing and articulating discipline-specific diversity, equity, and inclusion content.

FEARLESSLY FORWARD IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE AND IMPACT FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD: THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND STRATEGIC PLAN  is a living document and will evolve and grow as we do. Please visit this site to follow our progress as we move fearlessly forward.

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