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We invest in people and communities.

We invest in people, their well-being and advancement, and the conditions that support their ability to fully participate and thrive in our community, state, and world.

Goal 1

Lead the nation in living a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all we do.

  • Ensure every member of our community has access to safe and inclusive campus communities.
  • Introduce every new student, faculty, and staff member to our Terrapin history, traditions, values of diversity and equity, and ongoing efforts to create a more inclusive campus where every member feels they matter and belong.
  • Invest in the capacity of our students, faculty, and staff to learn, teach, work, lead, and engage in dialogue across difference, leveraging diversity and inclusion as central in all we do.
  • Create an actionable and sustainable plan to tackle issues of social justice, equity, and antiracism, both locally and globally, through our research, education, and outreach.
Small buttons of all different colors with different pronouns on them including they, she, he, ze, and others.

Goal 2

Become a connected, coordinated, and effective community of care that supports the success and well-being of students, faculty, and staff.

  • Take action to ensure the financial health of students, faculty, and staff through fundraising, advocacy for additional need-based aid and better wages and benefits, and investments in career readiness and workforce development.
  • Provide innovative and excellent services in areas critical to staff, faculty, and student well-being such as mental and physical health, financial planning, skill development, work-life support, language development, and housing.
  • Connect all Terps locally and globally through enhanced technology, coordinated networks, and accessible communications.
Black Terps Matter march students site in a tiered, grassy outdoor area. All are wearing black t-shirts. Overhead view of 30+ students in various athletic uniforms holding balls, rackets, and sticks.

Goal 3

Align evaluations, rewards, and incentives with our goals and values.

  • Reenvision faculty promotion systems to promote and reward inclusive excellence; impactful research, service, and civic engagement; and innovative activities that advance the common good.
  • Act together to create a workplace where staff thrive through new opportunities to learn, lead, and advance and are recognized for their talents and contributions.
A teacher and student converse while sitting side by side at a table

Strategic Programs and Initiatives

A shared vision and values for the entire campus community that strives to create an inclusive environment where all feel they belong and are empowered to reach their full potential.

The Faculty Advancement at Maryland for Inclusive Learning and Excellence seeks to create a more diverse, inclusive and equitable University environment through the recruitment and retention of faculty from underrepresented backgrounds.

Care@Work is an employee and graduate assistant benefit that helps manage family care needs while balancing work.

These salary increases for FY 22 and FY23 are part of the budget proposal announced by Gov. Larry Hogan, made possible through education and advocacy spearheaded by our system and institutional leadership.

Together with previous increases, the minimum stipend for Graduate Assistants provided in January 2022 has increased by almost 39% in the last four years.

New Cultural Centers will support students' transition to university life by promoting holistic learning experiences that foster a sense of belonging and connection to the communities with which they identify. These spaces will also provide students with access to tools and resources that will promote their persistence, retention, and success at UMD.

A series of discussions facilitated by the Provost designed to re-envision our faculty evaluation and promotion systems to more strongly align our shared goals and values.

A new user-friendly, cloud-based solution to better support staff and faculty with more efficient day-to-day business processes, mobile access, multilingual support for over 30 languages, improvements in data associated with diversity and inclusion, innovations in how we recognize staff talent and contributions, and integrated learning resources for personal and career development.

FEARLESSLY FORWARD IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE AND IMPACT FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD: THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND STRATEGIC PLAN  is a living document and will evolve and grow as we do. Please visit this site to follow our progress as we move fearlessly forward.

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