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Implementation of the Plan

In the coming months and years, our programs, initiatives, activities, and commitments will demonstrate our dedication to the goals and objectives laid out in this strategic plan.

Through the implementation of this plan over the next decade, the University of Maryland will engage our community in an ongoing process that includes assessment, progress reports, and priority setting so the plan grows and evolves with us.


What the University of Maryland does matters, and how we do it matters. The collective work of every member of our community—faculty, students, staff, and alumni—must be empowered and celebrated if we are to realize our ambitious vision.

Together, we will develop creative, innovative, adaptive learners and disruptive problem solvers. We will invest in people, reimagine learning, and forge partnerships that lead to solutions to the world’s grand challenges. We will leverage Maryland’s unique assets and cultivate its rich diversity as a competitive advantage for positively impacting local and global communities.

We must commit ourselves to new ideas rooted in our ideals of inclusive excellence, driven by innovation and impact, and relentlessly focused on public good and service to humanity. Now is the moment for the University of Maryland to move fearlessly forward to forge a better world for humankind.

Our Critical Enablers

FEARLESSLY FORWARD IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE AND IMPACT FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD: THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND STRATEGIC PLAN  is a living document that lays the foundation for innovative new initiatives, balanced with careful attention to providing value to our local community, state, nation, and world. The plan will evolve and grow as we do. Our critical enablers will be keys to the plan’s success, and ultimately, to that of the University of Maryland.

A diverse group of students in caps and gowns celebrates commencement.

Diverse and Engaged Community

Bringing together diverse voices and identities across our campus and the community inspires collaboration and creativity and accelerates solutions to grand challenges.

Students walking in front of the Brendan Iribe Center building with blue sky reflecting in the building's many windows


Investing in state-of-the-art facilities and leading technologies enables us to tackle grand challenges, support world-class learning and research, and promote innovation and excellence in ways that are responsible and sustainable.

Two students talking outside on the UMD campus, one standing with a backpack and one sitting in a wheelchair.

Shared Governance

Engaging all students, faculty, and staff in shaping our future advances, our common purpose, impactful and inclusive research, teaching, and service to humanity.

Students sit, stand, and lounge in the benches along the UMD mall.

Communications and External Engagement

Sparking dialogue and engagement with alumni and local, state, national, and international partners accelerates and amplifies our real-world impact.

The Mall at UMD

Strategic Location

Leveraging our location positions us to promote civic engagement, address state and federal priorities, and expand partnerships with government agencies, policymakers, research organizations, and private partners.

Two UMD students walking outside on a sunny day

Reward Systems and Incentives

Rewarding and incentivizing behaviors and actions that align with our values increases our capacity to activate creativity, amplify impact, and promote inclusive learning.

Person standing on a ladder hanging framed artwork in the David C. Driskell Center at UMD


Attracting new resources and promoting effective stewardship of existing resources allows us to invest in high-priority areas that advance our mission and vision.

View from above of a full classroom of students sitting at round tables.

Increased Coordination and Agility

Enhancing internal and external coordination and implementing agile practices position us to further integrate our education and research missions, pursue interdisciplinary collaboration, and expand partnerships.

FEARLESSLY FORWARD IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE AND IMPACT FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD: THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND STRATEGIC PLAN  is a living document and will evolve and grow as we do. Please visit this site to follow our progress as we move fearlessly forward.

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