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Fearlessly Forward

In Pursuit of Excellence and Impact for the Public Good

The University of Maryland Strategic Plan


We are a place of learning: a school dedicated to the art and science of education and committed to reimagining teaching and learning inside both classrooms and communities.

We are a campus dedicated to the indisputable value of science and humanities, inquiry, and creativity, and comprising tens of thousands of searchers and discoverers working in hundreds of laboratories, libraries, and collaborative spaces. Strategically located just a few miles from the nation’s capital, our university is a place where new knowledge is pursued, discovered, and championed.

We are also a community, nearly half a million members strong, of diverse students, faculty, staff, and alumni; a small city of residents and commuters, first responders and health care workers, learners, artists, and athletes; a place where thousands come to work every day to make a difference. Our diversity is integral to our excellence. And ours is a community that is intrinsically connected to our surrounding neighborhoods and our state, our nation, and our world.

The University of Maryland remains, since our founding, an institution of change and progress, and a proud land-grant flagship campus dedicated to the public good.

Our university is evolving faster than at any moment in its storied history. Our guiding principles are helping us to empower the next generation of leaders, artists, writers, educators, scientists, and global citizens to develop creative solutions to the grand challenges of our times.

New Strategic Plan Initiatives

Our Vision

We must be united in our noble and fearless purpose, because celebrating differences and leveling societal inequities must be among our greatest strengths, because grand challenges demand fearless ideas, and because progress will not be measured in individual achievement, but in our collective accomplishments.

FEARLESSLY FORWARD IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE AND IMPACT FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD: THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND STRATEGIC PLAN  presents a bold reimagining of what our university must be to uphold and expand our mission of service to humanity. Our vision is at once ambitious and fearless.

Our Guiding Principles

To improve the lives of every person on Earth, we will reimagine teaching and learning; accelerate solutions to the grand challenges of our time through creativity and discovery; and forge a diverse and inclusive community where our differences are celebrated and equity is relentlessly pursued. Together, we will dedicate ourselves to advancing the public good because our individual well-being is enduringly bound to our collective well-being.

This is our time to reinvent our University. We must reenvision our campus and community as a modern flagship research university for the common good.


FEARLESSLY FORWARD IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE AND IMPACT FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD: THE UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND STRATEGIC PLAN  is a living document and will evolve and grow as we do. Please visit this site to follow our progress as we move fearlessly forward.

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